Beyond the Limestone Walls: Renewing Our Pride

Ty Saini '93, Alumni Council president

Ty Saini '93, Alumni Council president

Ty Saini ’93, Alumni Council President

As I conclude my tenure with the Alumni Council, I’ve begun to clean up and organize my paperwork and email, which has easily accumulated over the eight years I have served. Aside from being surprised by the volume, I decided to look through what I had saved, because there had to be a good reason to do so.

Among several things, I found some ideas and suggestions that the council has not pursued to completion. Many of these contributions are still relevant today and likely will be tomorrow as well. What does this mean? Unfinished business? Loose ends that need resolution? An opportunity to be more of who we say we are? As someone who enjoys volunteering for several organizations, I know how important it is to recognize, honor and respect all of the work and time others have put in to identify and solve issues and challenges that need our attention.

Rereading emails and minutes from committee meetings reminded me that we—as the Alumni Council—are making progress, but we are not where we and the college need us to be. There is no finish line, and we should take pride in what each of us has given back to the Dickinson community. With this in mind and as I look forward to the council’s next leadership team, here are my hopes for the Dickinson alumni community:

  1. That we continue to feel and demonstrate our pride in our alma mater. Is it wrong to brag (in a sophisticated way)? Can you find a creative way to put Dickinson in front of others around you? I know you will be surprised by the positive impact it can have. Once you find that way, share it with other alums so we can learn from you.
  2. That we commit our time to learn more about Dickinson today. Great things are happening on campus and around the world, and we need to keep up with them. Consider participating in a live-stream or regional event such as One College One Community or watching one of our teams play in a conference championship.
  3. That we support current students who need and deserve our attention. You will have fun doing this and easily will become energized as a result. Volunteer to mentor a FIG (First-Year Interest Group). Even if you are many miles away, you can have a positive and powerful impact on a first-year student.
  4. That we stay in touch with our college’s administration. Effective communication is essential to any relationship, and our college needs to know about the great work and success our alumni have achieved. 
  5. That we continue to provide financial support. Consider getting together with fellow classmates, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers or members of an organization you participated in as a student, and help underwrite or sponsor an aspect of Dickinson that resonates with you. Find a way to sustain one facet of the Dickinson experience for others.

I have been very fortunate to meet and work with alumni that I never would have been given the chance to, had it not been for the Alumni Council and the college’s willingness to support the organization. My fellow council members have overwhelmed me with their intellect, abilities, accomplishments, willingness to serve and genuine friendship. I have many great memories of the hard work and fun times but, most of all, I will take away a renewed and strengthened pride in having graduated from Dickinson. I hope you will too.

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Published April 14, 2015