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Dickinson's writing program features tutoring in 11 languages.

Video by Joe O’Neill

Dickinson’s writing program is high-level resource for students of all majors

What happens at Dickinson’s Writing Center? Much more than you might expect. Far beyond a simple proofreading service, this nationally renowned resource is a collaborative space where students from all majors can get writing tips, discuss their ideas and gain new insights on their work through conversations with tutors who specialize in the subject at hand.

Students who visit the Multilingual Writing Center (MWC), a part of the writing program, also have access to tutoring in 11 languages. Delivered by native speakers and language majors who’ve been specially trained in the craft of cross-cultural writing, multilingual tutoring is a high-level resource that, according to Noreen Lape, Writing Center director and associate provost of academic affairs, is unique to the college. 

It means that international Dickinsonians and foreign-language students can get help not just in understanding different writing genres and crafting sentences in a foreign language but also how to develop a writing process that works in a foreign language, how to understand the difference between writing and composing and more.

“We’re all people who come from different majors and different backgrounds, and yet we bond over this very geeky love of writing,” says Savanna Riley ’17, a political-science major and Writing Center tutor who also works with fellow students in the classroom, in collaboration with professors. “It’s a place to brainstorm, to explore, to question, to look at things in different ways, to have different perspectives shared.”

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Published March 6, 2015