In the Game: Final Round

seniors from the women's golf team

Photo by Carl Socolow '77.

by Tony Moore

Red Devils women’s golf has been through three coaches in the past four years. But in seniors Casey Colburn and Melanie Campbell, who have played all four years, the team found “a real leader” and “a driving force,” respectively, according to Coach Scott McQuaig, whose inaugural season began last fall. Rounding out the senior contingent is Alex Goodson, whom McQuaig calls the “personality of the team.”

“I’ve gotten to know so many amazing, kind, smart, motivated people here,” says Campbell, “and seeing them makes me happy and pushes me to do better myself.” Campbell has been the team’s No. 1 player the past three years, and McQuaig cites her “deep passion for golf and real competitive spirit” for keeping her in the top spot.

When she wasn’t driving a golf ball, Campbell, an earth-sciences major, says her favorite moment at Dickinson was on a summer research trip to the Canadian Arctic. “The mountains and glaciers and icebergs we saw were beautiful,” she says. “It was just amazing!”

Goodson mentions Assistant Professor of History Emily Pawley’s Environmental History class and Jazz Band as off-the-course highlights. “The trombone has not only been there for me when the rest of schoolwork gets over-whelming,” the environmental-studies major says, “but it’s also showed me how much I truly love music.”

Of Colburn, McQuaig says, “She’s been a real leader, and because of her role in student government, it seems to come very naturally for her.” The senior class president and policy management major has interned the past three summers with the Tiger Woods Foundation, and her mother, Catherine Colburn ’77, plays for the U.S. Virgin Islands national golf team. The pair often lock horns on the course.

“I absolutely love when I drive farther than she does or when I make a putt that she doesn’t,” Colburn says, noting that both of her grandparents (John ’52 and Patricia [Hoffman] Colburn ’52) and an uncle (John Colburn Jr. ’74) also play golf.

With these three graduating, next year the team will be in the hands of the likes of first-year student Stephanie Heiring, who earned All-Conference honors at the 2014 Centennial Conference (CC) championships and was named CC Rookie of the Year. Not a bad foundation on which to base a rebuilding year. 

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Published January 20, 2015