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Emily Pawley

Assistant Professor of History (2011)

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255 W Louther St Room 205


environmental history, history of capitalism, history of the body, landscape, history of food and food production, history of science


  • B.A., University of Toronto, 2001
  • M.Phil., Cambridge University, M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 2004
  • Ph.D., 2009

2016-2017 Academic Year

Fall 2016

HIST 151 History of Environment

ENST 151 History of Environment
Cross-listed with HIST 151-01.

HIST 211 Food and American Environment
This class examines the ways that the culture and politics of food have reshaped North American landscapes and social relations from colonial to modern times. We will explore, for example, how the new taste for sweetness fueled the creation of plantations worked by enslaved, the ways that the distribution of frozen meat helped build cities and clear rangeland, and the ways that the eating of fresh fruit came to depend on both a new population of migrant laborers and a new regime of toxic chemicals. Other topics will include catastrophes such as the Dustbowl, the controversial transformations of the Green Revolution, and the modern debates about the obesity epidemic.