Italian, Beyond the Classroom

Italian video image

Italian video image

Video by Joe O'Neill 

The Italian & Italian studies department takes a holistic approach

Going beyond the classroom, Dickinson’s Italian & Italian studies program offers a deep look into what Rehoboth Gesese ’17 calls “the most beautiful of the Romance languages.”

The program doesn’t stop at Italian as a language, however, delving into varied aspects of Italian culture as well. Professors lead students via a holistic approach, one through which the department sets out to “re-create a piece of Italy,” according to Nicoletta Marini-Maio, associate professor of Italian.

“Once I started taking classes, I fell in love with everything about it,” says Ashton Fiucci ’15, noting her professors’ enthusiasm as one of the driving forces behind the program. “The department here is wonderful.”

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Published October 31, 2014