Mini Team Challenges

2017 spring into fitness challenge


Weekly Programs and Events*

*Remember: Share or post photos along the way via email to or through Twitter, Instagram or social media and tag with the #SpringIntoFitness @DickinsonCol @DickinsonHR.


Week 1: Team Name Contest

During registration prior to week 1, the Spring Into Fitness participants were given the option of forming mini-teams and coming up with a creative mini-team name! Many mini-teams formed and with that we have a great opportunity for fun with selecting the most creative and interesting team name. The Office365 Form survey for 2018 is open to vote for the best-loved Mini-team name for week 1 through Monday, March 26 at noon.

The 2018 Spring Into Fitness Mini-Team Name winner is... How ALLARMING! Congratulations to members of this mini-team for having the favorite mini-team name!

 2018 spring into fitness challenge week 1 mini-team winners

2018 Spring Into Fitness Challenge Week 1 Mini-Team Winners: How ALLARMING! team members

Special Week 1 Spring Into Fitness Snowman Challenge Tiebreaker! Each mini-team is encouraged to build a snowman and post a photo with #SpringIntoFitness @DickinsonHR @DickinsonCol along with their Mini-Team name. Have some fun and play in the snow as part of your active exercise minutes!

2018 spring into fitness snowman challenge

2018 Spring Into Fitness Snowman Challenge. Photo courtesy of Jeanette Diamond.


Week 2: Mini-Team with the highest average exercise minutes per team member


During week 2, mini-teams will be challenging each other to achieve the highest exercise minutes per person during this week (and hopefully continuing throughout the Challenge period)! We encourage all participants to strive for a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise at least five days per week to reach 150 minutes minimum per week - and hopefully 7 days per week to reach a minimum of 210 minutes per participant per week. The mini-team winner for week 2 will be determined by the highest average exercise minutes per mini-team participant based on the week 2 cumulative totals for the team members.

***The Week 2 special fitness event is the Art Around Campus walk. Complete this special activity as a Mini-Team to increase your exercise and fitness, but also to expand your mind and explore the variety of art found on Dickinson's campus! Remember to snap photos to share and post with #SpringIntoFitness @DickinsonCol @DickinsonHR.

Click the ArtWalk link below to participate in this innovative, artful walking event!

In 2018, the week 2 Mini-Team Challenge winner is... September Sisters with an average of 588.33 exercise minutes per team member! Congratulations September Sisters on your enthusiasm and exercise/fitness minutes during week 2 of this year's Challenge!

2018 spring into fitness challenge week 2 mini-team winners

2018 Spring Into Fitness Challenge Week 2 Mini-Team Winners: September Sisters


Week 3: Snappy Spring Into Fitness Mini-Team Photo Challenge

the bookery in bosler library

The Bookery in Carlisle's Bosler Library is a stop along the Historical Book Walking Tour route. Photo submitted by Jeanette Diamond

National Walking Day Event ~ Wednesday, April 4 ~ HIstorical Book Walking Tour Tie-Braker: Complete this walk as a group anytime during week 3... to help decide the winner of the week 3 Challenge.

The week 3 Mini-Team Challenge details:

  • Find your favorite place on campus (or nearby)
  • Gather all of your Mini-Team members together for a group photo - and WALK, run or bicycle, etc. - to your gathering spot!
  • Snap a shot or two, or three, or more - and be CREATIVE - express yourselves, but most of all have some fun along the way
  • Bonus points for photos snapped at any of the locations along the Art Around Campus Walk (from week 3 - you can still do this walk) or from the week 4 Historical Book Walking Tour route.
  • Most Important Detail! Post or share your favorite mini-team photo with #Spring Into Fitness @DickinsonCol @DickinsonHR - and then send a copy to
  • Winner for Week 3 will be determined and announced next week (on or after Wednesday, April 11).

Mini-team - September Sisters - won the 2018 week-3 challenge for the Photo Contest.

2018 spring into fitness challenge week 3 mini-team winners

2018 Spring Into Fitness Challenge Week 3 Mini-team Photo Contest Winners: September Sisters


Week 4: Annual Fun Run Walk

This year, the event is scheduled for Friday, April 13 with a rain date of Friday, April 27. Early Registration for event will be open in TOTARA via the Gateway, but participants can also register at Britton Plaza on the day of the walk between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. We encourage ALL members of the Spring Into Fitness Challenge to participate, but very strongly encourage mini-team participation.

The mini-team with the most members completing the Fun Run Walk will win the Week 4 mini-team challenge. Tie-breakers include the highest average number of exercise minutes per mini-team member and mini-team photos submitted of the run-walk event.

See below for a picture from the kick-off on Britton Plaza at the 2018 Fun Run Walk!

2018 fun run walk spring into fitness challenge

Brian Atkins with the Spring Into Fitness Merry Maids Mini-Team members!


2018 spring into fitness challenge fun run walk event

2018 Fun Run Walk participants gathering at the Britton Plaza Kick-Off!


Week 5: Wellness Week ~ Garden Walk (walk rescheduled to Tuesday, April 24) & Pollinator Gardening

Week 5 highlights Wellbeing and will include numerous wellness events across campus. All fitness programs are included in the Challenge - from Water Aerobics to Dynamic Fusion. This new Garden Walk features the many gardens across campus and will be hosted by our very own Master Gardner, Ann Dailey on Monday, April 16 (walk rescheduled to Tuesday, April 24) departing at 8 a.m. beginning on Hurwitz Green in front of the Stern Center. The mini-team who has the most (if not all) members completing the Garden Walk will win the Week 5 Mini-Team Challenge. Tie-breaker will be determined by additional attendance at the Pollinator Gardening Info Session and also the highest average exercise minutes per mini-team members.


Week 6: Mini-Teams ~ The Ultimate Challenge

The week 6 mini-team winner will be determined by the mini-team with all members who have completed at least 150 minutes of exercise at least 5 of the 6 weeks during the Challenge period.

Tie-breakers for this Ultimate Challenge will include (still being finalized):

1. Having all team members complete at least 5 of the 6 weeks Challenge events:

  • Spring Into Fitness Kick-off Walk Activity ~ Week 1 on Monday, March 19
  • Art Around Campus Walk ~ Week 2 ~ click this link to complete the ArtWalk event:
  • National Walking Day Event ~ Week 3 ~ Historical Book Walking Tour on Wednesday, April 4 or independently any day during the 6-week challenge! Walking Map Link
  • Bike to the Farm ~ Week 3 on Saturday, April 7
  • Wellness Fun Run Walk ~ Week 4 on Friday, April 13 (raindate: Friday, April 27)
  • NorthSide Ride Bike Event ~ Week 4 on Saturday, April 14 ~ details and registration on Facebook:
  • Garden Walk & Pollinator Gardening ~  Week 5 on Monday, April 16 (Walk rescheduled to Tuesday, April 24 due to inclement weather)
  • Philanthropy Challenge Tour  ~ Week 6 beginning on Monday, April 23

2. Having all team members report 210 minutes or more of exercise for each of the 6 weeks

3. Having the highest cumulative average exercise minutes per mini-team member for the entire 6-week period of the Challenge

The Ultimate Challenge mini-team winner for the 2018 Spring Into Fitness Challenge will be announced once the Challenge has ended! Look for this to be announced at our Wellness Celebration Luncheon during the month of June!!!

How is your mini-team stepping up to the 2018 Spring Into Fitness Challenge? Share your photos and show us your Fitness participation!

fitness photo

Merry Maids Mini-Team walking during their morning break. Join the Merry Maids at 9 a.m. on the Kline Center Track! Photo submitted by Paul Richards. March 29, 2017