A special opportunity for promising high-school seniors from diverse backgrounds and/or first-generation students.

We welcome you to join us for Discover Diversity at Dickinson on Nov. 13-14, 2015!

Discover Diversity at Dickinson is a visit designed for promising high-school seniors who self-identify as students of color and/or will be first-generation college students. This distinctive opportunity will allow you to experience Dickinson's vibrant campus community during an overnight stay as well as during our traditional open house. This combined opportunity will allow you to see the college community as it is and celebrate its true diversity. Participants will spend the first day sitting in on classes and getting a feel for life on campus in the evening. The next day, participants will join other visiting families during our fall open house prior to our first application deadline (Nov. 15). The program will introduce students to important information about our admissions and financial-aid processes.

We realize that attracting the right students involves more than view books and e-mails in order to celebrate the diversity of our entire campus body. It’s our goal to help you learn as much as you can about our distinctive and vibrant community.

Application Process

You must submit a short application with a recent transcript or progress report and complete a brief summary about your interest in learning more about Dickinson.

All forms and transcripts are due by Oct. 2. They can be e-mailed to youbelong@dickinson.edu or faxed to 717-245-1442. Transcripts may be scanned and e-mailed or faxed separately.


A limited amount of funding is available to cover travel expenses. If you are in need of travel assistance, you are asked to indicate this on the application form. You will be notified of funding available at the same time as you are notified of admission to the program. If you receive funding through the Travel Assistance Program, you will be asked to cover your costs up front and submit receipts to Dickinson for reimbursement upon arrival on campus.

Meals will be provided by Dickinson for all attendees. 


If you have any questions regarding Discover Diversity at Dickinson, please contact Alan Paynter, coordinator of multicultural recruitment, at youbelong@dickinson.edu