Campus Parking Policy

To ensure the orderly flow of traffic and obtain the maximum utilization of parking spaces, it is necessary to have and enforce regulations related to the operation and parking of vehicles while on campus. Parking lots are designated by a sign with a color decal displayed, according to the following classifications:    

Faculty/Staff red parking decalFaculty/Staff Red Decal: Vehicles with red decals may park in areas designated with red and blue signs.    

Student blue parking decal

Student Blue Decal: Vehicles with blue decals may only park in lots posted with a blue and white sign indicating "Student Parking".       

Commuter/continuing ed purple parking decalCommuter/Continuing Ed Purple Decal: Vehicles with purple decals may park only in the West Kline or Kaufman Student lots.    

Goodyear gold parking decalGoodyear Lot Student Gold Decal: Vehicles with gold decals may park in the Goodyear lot, marked with the corresponding gold and white sign, or in lots designated with blue & white signs for "Student Parking".

All vehicles parked on campus must conform with provisions of the laws and ordinances of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Borough of Carlisle. Motor vehicles which are abandoned or illegally parked on College parking lots will be removed in accordance with Section 3353 of the PA Vehicle Code.
The following are not permitted:

  • Parking in a "no parking" or reserved space.
  • Parking in a handicapped space without a proper tag.
  • Parking in fire lanes marked with yellow curbs.
  • Parking in areas designated as "tow away" zones.
  • Parking so as to block access to refuse containers.
  • Parking in or blocking a driveway.
  • Parking on a sidewalk.
  • Exceeding the posted time limit in regulated areas.
  • Careless or imprudent operation of a motor vehicle on College Property.
  • Invalid use of visitor space.
  • Parking an unregistered vehicle on College Property.


First year students are not permitted to possess or operate motor vehicles on the Dickinson campus or in the Carlisle area. For parking purposes, al students with less that eight completed courses shall be considered first year students. This policy is in effect seven days a week, 24 hours a day while school is in session. Exceptions to the policy are granted according to a set of strict guidelines established by the college. All requests for exceptions must be submitted by the student to the Chief of Public Safety in writing with the necessary and appropriate documentation in support of the request attached.

Winter Break: Persons needing to leave vehicles parked on campus during Winter Break must contact Public Safety to be directed where to park the vehicle. Vehicles parked on campus may be parked in the Kaufman Lot or the West Kline Lot, but only at the direction of Public Safety. In the event of a storm, cars not parked in the areas designated by Public Safety may be towed at the owner's expense.