English Language Learners

Dickinson College has a growing population of students whose first language is not English. The Writing Program provides resources to assist English Language Learners (ELLs) at all levels with their academic writing for U.S. college classes. Students can enroll in courses that will give them extra practice and instruction in writing or stop by the Writing Center for individual meetings with trained writing tutors.

Directed Self-Placement: During the fall and spring semester student orientations, incoming international students take a writing assessment in response to a short reading. The Writing Program evaluates each student's essay and offers a recommendation about whether the student needs writing support. Students may be encouraged to seek assistance in the Writing Center or to register for WRPG 101, a half-credit writing course for ELLs.

Peer Tutoring for ELL Students:  ELL students who wish to visit the Writing Center can choose to work with undergraduate peer tutors who are available for one-on-one conferences with non-native speakers at all levels.

Click on a link to see a course syllabus:

WRPG 101: U.S. Research Writing for International Students (PDF)

WRPG 200: Advanced Critical Thinking and U.S. Academic Writing for International Students (PDF)

Questions/Concerns? Contact Lisa Wolff (Coordinator of ELL)
Email Lisa Wolff or Phone (717) 245-1964