What faculty say about the Writing Associates Program . . .

"Overall this was a very positive addition to my seminar. My students all felt that they knew themselves better as writers and are much better prepared for their work as writers at the college level."

"Students commented in class on how much they enjoyed the interaction with an upper-class student. It helped them recognize their peers are part of a community --  it's not just teacher/student relationships, but a broader community."

"I'll take one for every course from now on. How many do you have? Let's make my office a Writing Center satellite in East College. Sign me up. Please."

What students say about the Writing Associates Program . . .

"Our WA was helpful during the peer review sessions. He provided great feedback and helped guide us to more help if needed. He did interactive sessions in class about what makes a paper, a good thesis, and paragraph structure."

 "[Our Writing Associate] was extremely effective at helping me write my essays and teaching me new concepts. Her activities were very helpful & I would recommend a WA for all First-Year Seminars."

"The WA as very effective in this class. She was up to date on our readings so she always knew what was going on in the class. She helped us revise papers/citations. She helped us think of theses and helped us think of ways to write an effective conclusion."

"The WA gave us many tips while we were peer editing our papers. He also provided us with a number of tools to help us in our writing . . . ."

"The Writing Associate . . . was very effective and helped me become a better writer. She was productive & made me feel comfortable talking to her about my concerns and papers for this class. Most helpful - everything was helpful. The peer review with her there made everything less stressful about papers & how to lay them out."

What Writing Associates say about the Writing Associates Program . . .

"I found the experience challenging and rewarding -- by far the most valuable aspect was watching the students gain an understanding of the texts and use my models to do so. I often heard ways of understanding processes like composing a thesis echoed back to me and used well. I was quite proud to have been an actual help."

 "It was very rewarding to work closely with the more engaged students and see their progress as their writing developed."

"Being a WA gave me a lot of confidence with leading groups of various sizes and articulating what I have learned about college writing over the years."