Important information and forms for newly hired full-time employees of Dickinson College may be accessed through the menus on the left.

Benefits are effective the first of the month after your date of hire. However, if your date of hire is the first working day of the month then coverage is effective the first of the month in which you were hired. You pay for the premium costs using pre-tax dollars. You may opt for individual, two-party or family coverage for your spouse and/or dependent children less than age 26. Employees have the option of enrolling or changing their enrollment: 1) within the first 31 days of becoming a full-time employee, 2) through the open enrollment process which allows non-participating and participating eligible employees to enroll, change, or cancel coverage on July 1 of each year, or 3) when certain family status changes occur, such as the birth of a baby. Contact Human Resource Services for further information.

Summary Plan Descriptions