Professional Development Projects at Dickinson

Photograph in Psychology DepartmentWhat is a professional development project?

Development projects seek to develop new knowledge, expertise, or skills. This might include specialized training, attendance at workshops and seminars or similar programs for the purpose of learning new skill or techniques; seeking to produce something of value to the individual and the College -- either eventual pedagogic or curricular improvements or possible future scholarly effort.

Please note, however, that this funding is not intended to support the pursuit of a degree which is not required or requested by the College.

What criteria are used to determine funding?

Preference is given to projects that will directly enhance the applicant's teaching or research.  Professional development to enhance scholarship requires an explanation of the intended research application. R&D also looks to the ancestry of the project. The applicant's previous history of grant applications should indicate the ability to accomplish what was promised, to use awarded funds prudently, and to file final reports as required. Development projects are not funded for emeriti faculty. (Please note:  professional development for administrative projects are not handled by R&D).

You are strongly encouraged to apply for external (non-Dickinson) funding for all R&D projects. Please contact the Corporate, Foundation and Government Support Office for more information.

How are these projects supported?

R&D provides funding for expenses, including travel, materials, and registration fees. Funding is limited to $1,500.  A full agenda or curriculum plan for proposed professional development activities must accompany the application.  R&D cannot consider funding requests that do not provide these materials.

Please be sure to check for application deadlines.

For information on how to apply, please visit Application Instructions.

For instructions on reporting, please visit Expense Reporting and Narrative Reports

Resources to support this activity are also available at:

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