Sabbatical Support at Dickinson

Photograph of people in the biology labWhat is sabbatical support?
The College awards support for sabbatical projects expenses.

Sabbatical Project Expenses Grant:
Faculty taking sabbaticals  may apply for grants up to $1,600 per semester to cover expenses of their sabbatical project.  Irregular use of sabbatical credits may reduce funding proportionally. During the period of sabbatical, faculty are also eligible for other funding categories as appropriate.

What criteria are used to determine funding?
Support for sabbatical projects is available only for those who have been approved by FPC for sabbatical leaves. R&D generally looks to the overall quality of the proposal. Specifically, projects should have high intrinsic value and intellectual or creative merit -- posing a significant question, exploring an important issue, addressing a challenging problem, or expressing an artistic idea. Projects should be well-conceived, with achievable goals, and a realistic schedule. Your proposal must be comprehensible to a group of your colleagues who are not likely to be specialists in your field. Finally, R&D looks to the ancestry of the project. The applicant's previous history of grant applications should indicate the ability to accomplish what was promised, to use awarded funds prudently, and to file final reports as required.

What expenses are funded?
Grants for sabbatical projects can be used for expenses such as travel to research sites, laboratory or studio supplies, library access fees, and photocopying.
Special application instructions for just this program:
  • A search and appropriate application for external funding is the required first step in the sabbatical support process. To begin your search contact the Corporate, Foundation and Government Support Office for assistance.
  • Submit a copy of your sabbatical leave proposal to R&D at the same time as you submit it to the Faculty Personnel Committee. Budget request can be submitted after the sabbatical is approved by FPC.
  • Attach the R&D cover page to your budgets.
Sabbatical budget requests are considered on a rolling basis and can be submitted anytime after FPC has granted the sabbatical.

For information on how to apply, please visit Application Instructions.
For instructions on reporting, please visit Expense Reporting and Narrative Reports. (No special reporting requirements for just this program)