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Photograph of a faculty member speakingWhat is conference travel support?

The College provides funding for faculty and students to attend professional conferences to present scholarly and/or creative work. The goal of these grants is to assist in meeting the cost of participation at a conference. It is not necessarily the expectation that the grants will cover all expenses.

(Another funding program known as "Dean's Faculty Conference Fund"--formerly known as 1% funds  supports faculty attendance at professional conferences when not presenting research.)

How are these projects supported?

R&D supports the presentation at professional conferences or comparable presentations of creative work. Please note that service only as panel chair, moderator, or similar non-presenting roles is not eligible for funding. In cases where a discussant prepares written materials in advance, funding may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Participation in other active scholarly roles will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Travel funds in the amount of $2,000 are available to be used for either domestic or foreign travel. Both domestic and foreign funds may be combined with any basic Dean's Faculty Conference Funds (DFCF - formerly known as 1%) you have available.

Requests for multiple presentations of the same paper or multiple authors presenting at the same conference will be supported only if funding is available at the time of the request.

What expenses are funded?
The College will fund only the following expenses:

  1. Round-trip transportation to the conference site, including associated expenses, such as college fleet vehicles, mileage to and from the airport, tolls en route, parking, airport-to-hotel limo. Car mileage is figured at the College's standard rate.
  2. Conference registration (not including membership fees)
  3. Lodging and meals.  
What expenses are not funded?
  1. Alcohol
  2. Sales tax
  3. Lodging for conferences less than 75 miles from your home.
  4. Membership Fees
Special application instructions for just this program:
  1. Use  the Application for R&D Support to Travel and Present a Paper at a Conference. For planning purposes, the R&D committee requires that you apply in advance of your trip and applications must be submitted no less than two weeks before the scheduled trip. We encourage you to apply as soon as your trip is confirmed to assist you and the committee in planning.  Applications submitted after a trip will not be considered.
  2. Attach documentation of your presentation, e.g. copy of the program and letter of invitation. The application and backup documents -(invitation/acceptance to present, program, copy of presentation) are used to prepare an award letter for R&D approval signature.
  • The application, backup documents, and award letter are kept in our R&D Files.
  • Approval prior to the trip is required for the R&D Committee's budget planning (with estimated expenses on the application- which can be adjusted after trip).
  • After the travel award is approved, the “R&D Detail Worksheet/Expense Form” is used for submission to Financial Operations (reconciled with receipts) for processing the reimbursement.  Click on "Expense Reporting" menu button for instructions on the R&D expense form. Request for reimbursement must be made within 30 days of return from the trip.

Special reporting requirements for just this program:

After your trip, please submit to the R&D Committee.

  • A copy of your paper or equivalent documentation of your presentation
  • An R&D Detail Worksheet/Expense Form completed and submitted ELECTRONICALLY to with ORIGINAL receipts or (Copies) for purchases on department cards should be sent in campus mail or delivered to the office of Angie Karas, Old West, 2nd Floor, Room 17.

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