Proposing a Summer Program

Faculty who wish to direct a short-term program will receive administrative support from the Center for Global Study and Engagement including help establishing strategic links with partner institutions, pre-departure orientation for students, health and safety training for directors, application processing and financial support in cooperation with Financial Operations.  

Proposals for summer 2019 are due September 14, 2018.  For information on how to propose, please contact the Center for Global Study and Engagement ( Please find the necessary documentation for proposing a summer program below:

Summer Program Development/Proposal/Implementation Documents:

Submitting a Summer Program Proposal

 Responsibilities  Faculty Directors  Center for Global Study and Engagement
 Program Proposal Write and submit proposal by deadline in collaboration with CGSE. Review proposal with CGSE Advisory Committee, APSC, faculty senate.
 Program Promotion Attend study abroad fair; make class visits; advise students. Update website; create marketing material.
 Applications Review applications. Collect application materials, review applications, and inform faculty directors when files are complete for review. Send acceptance letters.
 Orientation Conduct pre-departure orientation meeting. Organize and conduct pre-departure orientation meeting.
 Logistics Finalize transportation, lodging, food and academic arrangements.  
 Financial Meet with CGSE and Financial Operations to review budget and on-the-ground arrangements. Finalize program budget with faculty director and Financial Operations.
 Health and Safety Attend health & safety training.  Arrange for cell phone while overseas. Conduct health & safety training for faculty directors.  Provide emergency contact and health insurance information to faculty director. 
 On the Ground Coordinate all on-the-ground arrangements for travel, lodging, food, academics, etc.  Contact CGSE upon arrival and in the event of an emergency. Provide assistance to faculty director in the event of an emergency.  Serve as point of contact for parents and college.
 Post-Program Submit all receipts and financial report to Financial Operations within 3 weeks of return.  Provide a brief narrative to CGSE describing the program’s accomplishments and challenges in academics, finance/logistics, and student development. Report to Global Education Advisory Committee.