Walk through the lower level of the Holland Union Building and you’ll see a wall filled with clocks displaying the time in cities located across North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Each one of these clocks represents a place that a Dickinsonian calls home.

Our present student population hails from 41 states and territories and 48 foreign countries. And while we recognize diversity is considered in race, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds, we also believe true global diversity encompasses not only the full spectrum but all the variations in between.


Dickinson recognizes the importance of a diverse campus community and consistently reaches out to students from varied racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.


Dickinson also maintains partnerships with organizations like Philadelphia Futures and the Posse Foundation, which support high-school students who demonstrate exceptional academic abilities and leadership qualities but may be overlooked by the traditional college-selection process.


Dickinson is committed to a diverse curriculum—from individual courses, cross-cultural and foreign-language requirements to self-developed majors and interdisciplinary programs, including:

With more than 40 study-abroad programs on six continents in 24 countries, Dickinson offers unparalleled global opportunities: