2018: Natlie Ferris - Double-Slit Interference with Partially-Coherent Light (Professor Brett Pearson and Professor David Jackson)

2017: Christopher Fritz - Nonlinear Dynamics and Pulsing Oscillators (Professor Lars English)
2017: Tyler Richey-Yowell - Characterizing Short-Period Eclipsing Binaries in the Field of NGC 2362 (Professor Catrina Hamilton-Drager)

2016: Kyle Liss - Numerical Simulations of High-Dimensional Mode-Coupling Models in Molecular Dynamics (Professor Brett Pearson)
2016: Nicole Fronsdahl - Investigation of a Solar Air Heater's Conversion Efficiency and Output Power as a Function of the Grid Number (Professor Hans Pfister)

2015: Katherine (Katie) Roy - Demonstrations in Ultrasound Imaging and Beam Steering Using Phased Arrays (Professor Brett Pearson)
2015: Ben Kimock - Nonlinear Modes and Topologically Stabilized Excitations in Ferromagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Sheets (Professor Lars English)
2015: Marc Besson - Stability and ILM Formation on a One-Dimensional Lattice (Professor Lars English)