To schedule a planetarium show, please email All show requests must be made by email

Planetarium shows are free but you must have at least 15 people to run a showing.  Shows run about 30-40 minutes. Feel free to come with questions to ask afterwards! When making a show request, please include the following information:

  • your name
  • group name
  • age of your group
  • how many in your group
  • contact phone number & email address
  • date & time you choose from the list below
  • show topic you choose from the list below

Available show dates/times: (note below which students can run what shows when making your show/date/time selection) Dates will be removed once filled.

Wednesday, October 25th @ 11:30am (Aidan)
Tuesday, October 31st @ Noon (Leigh)
Thursday, November 2nd @ 6:00pm (Alaina)
Friday, November 3rd @ Noon (Aidan)
Monday, November 6th @ 6:30pm (Aidan)
Tuesday, November 7th @ 6:00pm (Alaina)
Monday, November 13th @ 10:30am (Aidan)
Wednesday, November 15th @ 5:00pm (Alaina)
Thursday, November 16th @ 6:00pm (Leigh)

We offer shows with the following possible topics (please notice which students can run what shows):

  • Mythology (Aidan, Alaina, Leigh can run this show)
  • What’s Up in the Sky? (general showing) (all students can run this show)
  • Mayan and Celtic (only Alaina can run this show)
  • What's Down in the Sky (Southern Stars) (only Aidan can run this show)