Student Highlights

Charlayne Davis '16 completed the American Economic Association's 6-week summer training program at the University of New Mexico. This intensive undergraduate program provides courses in economic theory, mathematics, and econometrics with a focus on math skills necessary for studying economics at a doctoral level. The program introduces students to options available to economists in the academy, business, government and other career paths, and provides the opportunity to forge peer and mentor relationships that will continue beyond the summer.

2014 Student Award Recipients:
Qingyu Wang - Class of 1875
Mary Campbell - C.W. Fink
Nolan Funchion - Departmental Honors

2013 Student Award Recipients:
Kevin Cottington - Class of 1875
Yujia Zhou - Class of 1875
John Gallagher - C.W. Fink
Julia Sturgeon -C.W. Fink

Class of 2012 Honors Graduates:
Misha Garg
Jenna W. Long
Devin Quinn