Department Highlights

Assistant Professor of Economics Xiaozhou Ding presented his research at Northeast Asia Forum hosted by Liaoning University (China) and Chey Institute for Advanced Studies (South Korea) on  September 25.

Assistant Professor of Economics Xiaozhou Ding will be presenting his research, "Too Late to Buy a Home? School Redistricting and the Timing and Extent of Capitalization" at Lafayette College on Monday, September 26.

Assistant Professor of Economics Xiaozhou Ding's paper titled “Son preference, intrahousehold discrimination, and the gender gap in education in China” with Hao Guo and Chenxu Hu has been accepted for publication at International Review of Economics & Finance.

Assistant Professor of Economics Xiaozhou Ding was quoted in Times Higher Education in December:

Assistant Professor of Economics Xiaozhou Ding has presented the paper “When and How Do School Rezoning and New Schools Affect Property Values” at the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA)-Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA) annual conference on January 8.

Assistant Professor of Economics Xiaozhou Ding has published the paper “The expansion of higher education and household saving in China” at China Economic Review with Chris Bollinger and Steve Lugauer.

June 2021 - Associate Professor of Economics Nicola Tynan and Alumna Yuanxiaoyue (Artemis) Yang '17 have had their article "What are the health benefits of a constant water supply? Evidence from London, 1860 - 1910" published in Explorations in Economics History. To read the article in its entirety, please follow this link. (Please note, this link is available only until July 21). 

February 2019 - Congratulations to Emily Marshall and Anthony Underwood on receiving a promotion to the rank of Associate Professor.

April 2018 - Congratulations to Ebru Kongar on receiving a promotion to the rank of Full Professor.

Dickinson’s Assistant Professor of Economics Anthony Underwood, along with Assistant Professor of Economics Mark Paul of New College of Florida, published -- A Carbon Dividend Is Better than a Carbon Tax on Project Syndicate. The article is in response to the role of carbon pricing in the Green New Deal, a policy approach to decarbonizing the US economy.

Assistant Professor of Economics Anthony Underwood and Assistant Professor of Economics Emily Marshall, in collaboration with student researchers Daniel Byun '19 and Yanqing Zhao '19, launched the research project “Natural Disasters, Household Debt, and Inequality: County-Level Evidence From the United States” during the Summer of 2018. According to Professor Marshall, "the project—supported by an R&D Student Faculty Research Endowment Award—was the perfect opportunity to expose student researchers to environmental economics, an increasingly studied field in the face of climate change." To read the article written by David Blosser '19 and published in Dickinson's Latest News, please visit here

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Anthony Underwood whose co-authored paper "The sharing economy helps fight climate change (but not as much as you think)" is featured in The Washington Post. The paper discusses the ecological impact of sharing. Click here to read it in its entirety.

Associate Professor Ebru Kongar Receives Award
In the latest Dickinson's news, Associate Professor Ebru Kongar was honored for her receipt of the Jean Shackelford Award for Outstanding Service to the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE). As stated in the article, "this award celebrates the work of an individual whose initiative, imagination or persistent efforts and dedication promote lasting contributions in advancing IAFFE's goals". To read the complete article, please follow this link.

Associate Professor Ebru Kongar featured in The Levy Economic's Institute Working Paper Collection
Associate Professor Ebru Kongar had a working paper featured in The Levy Economics Institute Working Paper Collection. The Working Paper No. 884, February 2017 titled "Gendered Patterns of Time Use over the Life Cycle: Evidence from Turkey" was co-authored by Professors Ebru Kongar and Emel MemiƟ.To read the complete article, please follow the following link.

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