Planning to study abroad? Talk with a study abroad advisor. Consult your academic advisor. Explore the program pages.

There are many steps before your first step on your study abroad program.  The staff at the Center for Global Study and Engagement are here to help you through this process and answer your academic, travel, and overseas living questions.

We know that family also plays a role in the decision-making process for study abroad. Be sure to direct your family members to our website and share with them the information you receive.

Process overview:

  1. Read the Dickinson program pages and partner program pages
  2. Attend an Abroad Prep session
  3. Schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor
  4. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss study abroad, programs, and course options
  5. Apply online through Studio Abroad
  6. Attend Pre-Departure Orientation
  7. Purchase flights and obtain the visa