Building a better community with critical improvements to facilities

At Dickinson, a sense of "place" has always mattered. The campus itself is, and always has been, extraordinary. When alumni return to campus, they often recall their very first sight of the place. "As soon as I saw it, I knew it was my college," they'll say.

Every building, rock and tree, every red Adirondack chair, every limestone wall-these are the elements that create the all-important backdrop of a Dickinson education. Here, face-time counts. Buildings and grounds are more than walls and lawns-they house our experiences and provide structure to who we are as individuals and as a community.

To that end, we launched the most ambitious campus-enhancement effort in college history in 2012, embarking on five construction projects aimed at expanding and improving facilities for academics, athletics and student life:

  • the state-of-the-art Durden Athletic Training Center
  • an expansion to the Kline Fitness Center
  • an addition to the Rector Science Complex
  • and a new interdisciplinary greenhouse
  • the Phyllis Joan Miller Memorial Field