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The Company She Keeps

Kirsten Dedrickson

Photo courtesy of Kirsten Dedrickson '15

Kirsten Dedrickson '15

by MaryAlice Bitts-Jackson

An intriguing mix of interests, aptitudes and achievements marks Kirsten Dedrickson ’15 as a quintessential Dickinsonian. A native of Pasadena, Md., Dedrickson is a former high-school soccer standout who now applies that athletic skill to the Dickinson equestrian club. She also competes as part of the mock-trial team and was named this year’s Junior Sophister during the 2013 Convocation ceremony, an award bestowed annually on the member of the junior class with the highest cumulative grade-point average. 

Here, she describes her dreams, motivations and the uplifting reason she selected Dickinson. 


Computer science and philosophy.

Favorite book:

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

Favorite movie:


Why I chose Dickinson:

It is the only school I know of where every person involved with the school—whether current students, alumni and faculty—absolutely loves it. I toured many of the Ivy Leagues, and I didn’t meet a single person at any of them who showed the same excitement about their school as Dickinsonians showed for Dickinson. I came to Dickinson so I could have the same experience.

Favorite place on campus:

Denny 304 (the room where we hold Mock Trial practices).

Favorite Dining Hall food:

Magic cookie bars.

As a kid, I wanted to be . . . 


I have always loved animals, and I wanted to be a vet.

Lesser-known talent:

Before college, the majority of my time was spent on the soccer field. My best position was sweeper of my travel team. As the sweeper, I was the last defender before the goalie. Usually, the sweeper of a team is one of the bigger players, and many people have been surprised that I was the sweeper because I was one of the smaller girls on the team. Despite my size I was a good sweeper due to my speed, aggressiveness and willingness to take command on the field.  

Most important thing I’ve learned so far:

Time management. Working productively on my homework and getting things done early makes life and school a lot less stressful. It also allows me to participate in both Mock Trial and the equestrian team and to have down time to relax and visit home often.  

Best study-abroad adventure:

I studied abroad in Málaga, Spain, for the summer Spanish-immersion program. Some of my most memorable experiences in Málaga are watching the Euro Cup games at the pier along with hundreds of locals. My friends and I would wear the Spanish national soccer team’s jersey, use a Spanish flag for a cape and cheer with the local fans (who were much crazier fans than we).

Post-Dickinson plans:

I plan to attend law school. I don’t know yet what type of law I wish to pursue, but based on my mock-trial and internship experiences I definitely will be considering litigation. I am also interested in a career as judge. 

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Published September 11, 2013