DsonMarket: Now Open for Business!

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New exchange and shopping platform extends the lifecycle of items and helps minimize environmental impact

by Tony Moore

Dickinson’s new DsonMarket offers a convenient online platform for students, faculty and staff to buy, sell and trade personal items. This initiative, supported by the Center for Sustainability Education, promotes a circular economy within the college community, reducing waste and encouraging responsible consumption.

“I took a look around my room and realized I'd collected quite a pile of stuff in my three years here, and it got me thinking—wouldn't it be cool if our school had a straightforward way to trade or sell the stuff we don't need anymore?” says Nathan Nguyen ’25 (computer science), who led the platform's launch. “What if there was a centralized platform, something like a digital bulletin board, where we could create post to swap or sell our items? That's how I landed on DsonMarket.”

The platform provides a space to find gently used textbooks, furniture, appliances, houseware items and other goods at a fraction of their original cost—or even free. This not only saves money for users but also extends the lifecycle of items, diverting them from landfills and minimizing environmental impact. By choosing DsonMarket, individuals can contribute to Dickinson's sustainability efforts while decluttering their own spaces—and even make some money.

“Dickinsonians saw a need for a campus solution to reduce package shipping to campus and increase the reuse of items within the Dickinson community,” says Lindsey Lyons, director of sustainability learning, noting that the platform was built, tested and maintained by Dickinson students. “It was amazing to connect the academic knowledge and skills of computer science students to actual campus sustainability challenges and create opportunities for more lifelong responsible consumption practices.”

Beyond environmental benefits, DsonMarket also facilitates interaction between students, faculty and staff, creating a shared space for exchanging not just goods but also ideas, services and experiences. And shoppers and sellers can use the platform worry-free as well, as anyone buying and selling items needs a Dickinson.edu e-mail address.

In a world of fast fashion, online shopping and shipping and constant upgrades, taking advantage of DsonMarket is not just a practical decision—it's a conscious choice to contribute to a more sustainable future for Dickinson and beyond.

Sign up here. And the next time you're looking to declutter or find a bargain, explore the diverse offerings listed on DsonMarket and discover the benefits of extending the life of your belongings while helping other Dickinsonians.


Published January 30, 2024