New Podcast, Video Series Launches With Look Inside the Data of Fantasy Football

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New series brings expert Dickinson voices to the masses

Looking to up your fantasy-sports game? Or maybe you’re curious about how people use data to predict what will happen next—in sports, in politics and in virtually every aspect of life. Either way, buckle up for a fun and fascinating time. Dickinson’s new podcast and video series, “The Dickinson College Expert Show,” brings you interesting facts, tips and new research in a fast-paced, easily digestible way.

Each episode introduces a Dickinson thought leader and highlights how their scholarship and expertise intersect with timely issues. Ranging from fun and casual subjects—like fantasy football, presented at the start of football season—to more serious matters, the show promises to offer a wide range of insights.

In the first episode, Director of Media Relations Craig Layne sits down with Emily Marshall, associate professor of economics and data analytics and co-chair of Dickinson's data analytics program. Marshall is also an avid Eagles fan and belongs to two fantasy-football leagues—one that includes highly knowledgeable fans from all walks of life and another that’s exclusively for fellow Ph.D.-holding economists.

In her brief interview, Marshall explains how people working in all fields can use data analytics to inform decision making—including those of us who are a bit math-shy. She also offers tips and basic principles that just might just help you get the most out of your own fantasy-sports experience.

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Published September 14, 2023