Ready for the Adventure: Explore More Program Starts College With a Bang

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Students got to know each other before orientation through Dickinson's Pre-Orientation Explore More program.

video by Stephen Munchel

Students connect, have fun through Pre-O program

Members of Dickinson's class of 2027 started college with a bang this week, as they took part in the college's Pre-Orientation: Explore More Adventures. This optional program for new Dickinson students is a perfect way to build friendships and make the most of warm summer days while easing into campus life.

There were programs just for bookworms and programs for backpackers (backpacking bookworms, we see you too). Future musicians and future marketers, we had you covered. From laser tag to law, religion to rappelling, science, sports, self-care and sustainability—chances are, whatever your passions, there was a program for you.

This wide variety of small group activities and excursions helped first-years get to know others with like interests and get their bearings on campus and in the surrounding community. Throughout the program, faculty, staff and students offered helpful tips about favorite local hotspots. Students also learned about the college's many campus resources, centers, clubs and organizations. And all of this happened before the official Move-In Day!

This year’s Pre-Orientation programs began Sunday, Aug. 20, and continued through Tuesday, Aug. 22. The traditional Orientation began Wednesday, Aug. 22.

Pre-Orientation: Explore More Adventures



Published August 25, 2023