Rohan Sen ’08

Rohan Sen on campus

Photo by Dan Loh.

Donor Profile

Tell us about your Dickinson experience.

I had so many great experiences and memories. If I want to boil it down to my top two, I would have to say: The engagement my professors had toward my education and the encouragement they gave me to do independent thinking and running for (and winning) class vice president during my first year on campus. As an international student from India, I was amazed how acceptable and inclusive the college community was. 

How has Dickinson’s useful liberal-arts education helped you?

Dickinson enables students to do three things very well: think independently, articulate your thoughts and apply those thoughts to realize outcomes. In life, you are constantly solving problems of various kinds. Those skillsets differentiate you from others.  

What inspired your gift to Dickinson?

I have always been a huge supporter of Dickinson. I strongly feel that, under the leadership of our new president, the college is on path to become a true leader in global education. 

Why is it important to give back to the college?

I think giving in any form has exponential effects. When you give back, the college benefits, and as the college benefits and gets recognition, so do you, as an alum. 

How have you volunteered for the college in the years since you graduated?

During the 15 years since I graduated, I have coached students for jobs and interviews, connected students to other alumni, hosted students at companies I have worked in and, most important, tried to give back as often as I could.

What advice would you give to today’s students?

Work hard, fail quickly and try to achieve happiness (and not success) in everything you do. Success is usually achieved when you are happy doing what you love.

Read more donor profiles. Sen returned to campus earlier in 2023 for the Department of International Business & Management's 25th anniversary celebration, during which he spoke to students as part of an alumni panel.


Published June 27, 2023