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Dementia Prevention: Using Your Head to Save Your Brain

By Mitch Clionsky ’72 and Emily Clionsky

Johns Hopkins University Press

Dementia Prevention provides readers with a checklist to better understand their personal risk profile, enabling them to set better goals, identify roadblocks to success and overcome these obstacles. Mitch is a neuropsychologist who has published research in dementia and, along with Emily, developed an accurate dementia test for doctors. He’s personally treated more than 10,000 patients who have dementia or its preceding condition, mild cognitive impairment.

For Every Matter Under Heaven: Preaching on Special Occasions

By Beverly Zink-Sawyer ’76 and Donna Giver-Johnston

Fortress Press

For Every Matter Under Heaven offers preachers a process for creating sermons that are biblically grounded and relevant to occasions including weddings, funerals, church anniversaries, building dedications and ordination and installation services. Zink-Sawyer is a retired Presbyterian minister and theological seminary professor.

Mother Mourning

By John Zedolik ’88

Wipf & Stock

This collection consists of 35 poems expressing grief over the death of the author’s mother. Zedolik is an adjunct professor of English at Chatham and Duquesne universities in Pittsburgh. This is his third book of poetry.

The Coping Kids

Jessica Haklar Ellis ’11

Fulton Books

The Coping Kids is an easy-to-read book designed for the youngest of readers. It follows six kids dealing with everyday emotional struggles (anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, trouble sleeping, sleepover anxiety and bullying) and how they overcome their biggest challenges with the use of effective coping skills. Ellis, a licensed therapist, hopes that young readers can see themselves in the characters who are all dealing with something different.

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Published May 11, 2023