Philosophy Major Jobs and Graduate School Acceptances 2023

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Casey Altman

Hometown: San Marino, California
Major: philosophy
Employer: Teach For America, Cleveland
Job title: teacher
What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?
Making friends and finding passion for my major and classes. Also study abroad.

James Marks

Hometown: West Hartford, Connecnticut
Majors: mathematics. philosophy 
Graduate School: University of Colorado Boulder
Field of study: philosophy

Erin Lowe

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Majors: philosophy, political science 
Employer: FrameWorks Institute
Job title: Truman Summer Institute scholar
What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?
More than anything, I've loved my professors. They've made such efforts to both get to know and support me and my peers. I see them not only as educators, but as mentors. Dickinson has also allowed me to pursue so many different passions. I've gotten to sing, dance, act, write, work with the wonderful people at The Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues, study abroad, and so much more. My closest friends are people I met this year and people I met on my first day at Dickinson. I couldn't be more grateful to know them and for all of the moments we've shared in friendship, laughter, solidarity and more.

Christopher Moon

Hometown: Lorton, Virginia
Major: philosophy 
Graduate School: Rochester Institute of Technology
Field of study: film & animation
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
They helped me decide what I wanted to do in my career. I had a lot of different interests when I came here, but exploring those possibilities through a liberal arts education has helped me narrow down my interests and forge a path forward.

Nathaniel McCloud

Hometown: Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Majors: political science, philosophy
Employer: Legislative Policy and Research Office, Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus
Job title: junior research analyst
What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?
Studying abroad, Cafsgiving, 
Internship Experience
  • PA House Fellowship - Bipartisan Management Committee, Pennsylvania State House

Ben Power

Hometown: Jamison, Pennsylvania
Major: philosophy 
Graduate School: Delaware Valley University
Field of study: management and organizational leadership



Published April 25, 2023