Mathematics Major Jobs and Graduate School Acceptances 2023



Shawn Jeong

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Employer: Talcott Resolution
Job title: actuarial consultant
What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?
Homecoming where I made a great connection with an alum.

Trang Do

Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Majors: quantitative economics, mathematics
Employer: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Job title: research associate

Zane Saxton

Hometown: Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania
Major: mathematics
Employer: Infoscitex
Job title: operations research analyst intern
Graduate School: Georgia Institute of Technology 
Field of study: data analytics
What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?
In the spring of 2020 when we were told that we weren't returning to Dickinson, everything moved online. It was a hard time for everyone and Dickinson's swift response and commitment to continuing classes as quickly as possibly impressed me. The professors did an excellent job staying available for questions and teaching us despite the difficulties. Another defining moment of my time at Dickinson was Gaming Club. Gaming Club met every Saturday to play board, card, and video games. It allowed me to make incredible friends that I will continue to stay in contact with as I move on from my time here. The professors at Dickinson have also been stellar both in and out of the classroom. They're always available to make an appointment even outside of office hours. They have been a source of advice and direction as I decided my major and my path forward from my Dickinson. The final defining moment was when Dickinson added the data analytics major. This addition to the curriculum has changed my career path forever. Data analytics is fascinating to me and I will be attending a graduate program at Georgia Tech in the fall to pursue analytics further.
Internship Experience
  • Summer 2021- Livewire Digital, York, Pa. 

James Marks

Hometown: West Hartford, Connecnticut
Majors: mathematics. philosophy 
Graduate School: University of Colorado Boulder
Field of study: philosophy

Teddy Mercer

Hometown: Cortland, New York
Majors: physics, mathematics 
Graduate School: Northeastern University
Field of study: physics
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
I feel that Dickinson has given me better way of thinking and solving problems. 
Internship Experience
  • Summer 2022, completed NSF grant for an REU at Montana State University for quantum materials

Brandi Riel

Hometown: Carnation, Washington
Major: mathematics
Employer: Carlisle Small Animal Vet Clinic
Job title: veterinary assistant

How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
I think Dickinson has done a great job preparing me for life after graduation. Over the years I have improved in time management, my work ethic, going out of my way to achieve greater goals, and never giving up. Looking back on myself from freshman year I know I have changed a lot, and I have Dickinson to truly thank for that. 
Internship Experience
  • Carlisle Small Animal Vet Clinic, Carlisle, Pa., animal care assistant/veterinary assistant

Leo Sun

Hometown: Shanghai, China
Major: mathematics 
Graduate School: University of Rochester Simon Business School
Field of study: business analytics

Lauren Evans

Hometown: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Majors: mathematics, Russian
Employer: Prudential 
Job title: financial advisor

How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?

Dickinson helped develop skills like communication, connections, writing, etc. that will prove most useful in any career. 

Internship Experience

  • UFinancial in Mechanicsburg, Pa., intern.

Zimeng Liu

Hometown: Tianjin, China
Majors: mathematics, data analytics, quantitative economics
Graduate School: Yale University
Field of study: statistics and data science

Coltin Albitz

Hometown: Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Majors: biochemistry & molecular biology, mathematics 
Employer: The Wistar Institute
Job title: research associate
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
Life at Dickinson has taught me the importance of connections both on campus as well as in the community. At a small liberal-arts school, from academics to athletics to extracurriculars, the connections made every step of the way have made a profound remodeling of my outlook on life. The supportive staff and my classmates have taught me that challenges are there to be overcome and I cannot do it alone. It is this necessity that provided me to grow intellectually and as a person. This is one attribution that cannot be quantified but will continue with me through the rest of my life. 
Internship Experience



Published April 26, 2023