Graduate Story: Michael Pappas '83, San Francisco Interfaith Council

Michael Pappas and John Jones shake hands

Michael Pappas and John Jones at a Dickinson reception. Photo by Joe O'Neill.

video by Joe O'Neill

Former political science major works with the city’s wide-ranging religious community for the common good

Michael Pappas '83 is the executive director of the San Francisco Interfaith Council (SFIC), an organization that serves San Francisco’s 800 congregations to celebrate the city’s religious and cultural traditions. For 15 years, Pappas has been directing the SFIC, seen as the go-to organization for mobilizing the city’s religious communities on behalf of those in need.

“What I love about Dickinson is that we were encouraged to put into practice what we learned in the classroom,” says Pappas, a former political science major. “Dickinson not only taught me how to think, and not only exposed me to the most incredible thinkers, they encouraged me to make the world a better place.”


Published January 11, 2023