Kudos (Summer 2022)


Our faculty experts were featured in an array of local, national and international outlets this spring, covering everything from Ukraine and COVID-19 to nanotechnology and feminist economics.

Featured Faculty

Professor of History and Boyd Lee Spahr Chair in the History of the Americas Marcelo Borges discussed a book he co-edited, Emotional Landscapes, with Iran Daily, an English-language newspaper in Tehran.

Associate Professor of Russian and John B. Parsons Chair in the Liberal Arts & Sciences Alyssa DeBlasio was quoted in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article regarding highlighting Ukrainian films at the 2022 New East Cinema Symposium.

Comments made in 2020 to The New York Times by Professor of Psychology and Glen E. & Mary Line Todd Chair in the Social Sciences Marie Helweg-Larsen were cited by Canada’s National Observer in its recent report on COVID-19 waves. Research by Helweg-Larsen, Laurel Peterson ’06 and Sarah DiMuccio ’15 was also published on bioengineer.org, and Helweg-Larsen was featured on the Masters in Psychology Podcast.

Professor of Economics Ebru Kongar was quoted in an article on feminist economics in El País, one of the most-read Spanish publications.

Commentary by Associate Professor of Art History Elizabeth Lee, “One 19th-century Artist’s Effort to Grapple With Tuberculosis Resonates During COVID-19,” was published in the Good Men Project. It’s a reprint of Lee’s July 2020 article of the same name in The Conversation.

Associate Professor of Economics and Data Analytics Emily Marshall and Associate Professor of Economics Tony Underwood published “Is Economics STEM? Process of (Re)classification, Requirements, and Quantitative Rigor” in The Journal of Economic Education.

Professor of Classical Studies Marc Mastrangelo published a new translation of Prudentius’ Psychomachia, one of the most widely read poems in Western Europe from Late Antiquity through the Renaissance, through Routledge. With accompanying notes and introduction, this volume provides a fresh exploration of the work’s themes and influence.

In interviews with CBS Eye on the World/The John Batchelor Show, Visiting Professor of International Security Studies Jeff McCausland discussed the tactics used recently in Ukraine, including armored warfare and anti-aircraft defenses; the killing of civilians and other violations of laws/the rules of warfare; NATO countries supplying additional arms to Ukraine; the training of Ukrainian artillery crews on Western equipment; shake-ups in Russian leadership, artillery strategy and possible next steps in the conflict; Russia’s relationship with China; and the possibility of Finland and Sweden joining NATO. The program airs on select CBS Radio stations nationwide and is available as a podcast. McCausland also appeared on a Newsweek-published Louis Carter YouTube channel to discuss potential leadership advice to the White House and NATO leaders regarding the war in Ukraine.

Associate Professor of Political Science Sarah Niebler was quoted in the PennLive report on a local school district review of books that are being challenged as unsuitable for kids. Niebler also examined former President Donald Trump’s endorsement of Pennsylvania candidates in a story for WPMT-TV FOX43. She was quoted in a piece by The Globe & Mail, “Pennsylvania’s Nail-biting Primary Leaves Trump’s Influence Hanging in the Balance.”

The Haiti-Dominican Republic Section of the Latin American Studies Association awarded Associate Professor of Spanish & Portuguese Mariana Past honorable mention for the Isis Duarte Book Prize for Stirring the Pot of Haitian History, a translation of Ti Dife Boule, originally written in Haitian Creole by Michel-Rolph Trouillot. The jurors called her book “an invaluable contribution to the literature that will be taught by faculty worldwide.”

Stories highlighting the House Divided Project’s Teagle Foundation-funded Knowledge for Freedom summer seminar ran in The Sentinel and The York Dispatch. Both quoted Professor of History and Pohanka Chair in American Civil War History Matthew Pinsker.

Professor of History and W. Gibbs McKinney Chair in International Education Karl Qualls’ op-ed “The Butchers of Bucha Will Never Face Justice. That’s the Lesson of History” was published by the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. The piece was republished by the Iowa Capital Dispatch. Qualls also was quoted in the Mic.com report “How Russian Athletes Are Aiding Putin’s Propaganda War.” Qualls also discussed why the U.S. should care about Ukraine in an article in the Los Angeles Post-Examiner. He was quoted in the AP story “Once a Powerful Symbol in Russia, McDonald’s Withdraws,” which also appeared in more than 70 news outlets, including U.S. News & World Report, The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Sacramento Bee and NY1, and he appeared as a guest on The Kelly Cutrara Show on AM 640 Toronto discussing the decision by McDonald’s to leave Russia.

Assistant Professor of French & Francophone and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Mirielle Rebeiz’s op-ed, “Hey Pennsylvania, It’s Time to Recognize April as Arab American Heritage Month,” was published by PennLive.

Associate Professor of Philosophy Crispin Sartwell’s essay, “Truth Is Real,” was published in Aeon. It is also available as a podcast.

Associate Professor of Chemistry Sarah St. Angelo was quoted in “Public Perception of Nanotechnology Can Quickly Turn Sour” in Chemistry World.

Administrator Accolades

During his trip to London in April, President John E. Jones III ’77, P’11, discussed international education with The PIE News’ Sophie Hogan. He was quoted in a piece discussing international student trends in the U.S. In May, Jones was the primary source for an article in The Sentinel regarding the potential impact of overturning Roe v. Wade. An op-ed by Jones, “Has Anyone Thought About the Chief?,” was published exclusively by Smerconish.com, and he was a guest on The Michael Smerconish Program on SiriusXM - POTUS Channel 124. Jones also talked politics on This Week In Pennsylvania and WHTM-TV ABC27 and was featured in a Q&A on law.com titled “Bench Report: In Wake of Threat to Kavanaugh, Ex-US Judge Reflects on Judicial Security.”

College Archivist Jim Gerencser ’93 was quoted in the Boston Globe article “ ‘We Need To Sit in the Truth for a While’: Report on Federal Indian Boarding School System Reveals Horrors Endured by Native Americans.”

Cody Nielsen, director of the Center for Spirituality & Social Justice, was quoted in the Inside Higher Ed report “A New Tool for Assessing Campus Climate on Religion.” The Washington Times also quoted Nielsen in a similar story.

Philadelphia Gay News ran an article on the LGBT Center of Central PA History Project receiving the Oral History in the Mid-Atlantic Region’s 2022 Pogue Award. The article mentions Special Collections Librarian Malinda Triller-Doran and the Dickinson College Archives & Special Collections, which houses the project’s collection.

Kudos as of June 10.

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Published August 15, 2022