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Fine Print (Fall 2021)

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Song of the Earth: Understanding Geology and Why It Matters

By Elisabeth Ervin-Blankenheim ’79

Oxford University Press

Song of the Earth explores how geologists know what we know, the history of geological discoveries, the basic tenets of geology, a biography of the Earth and a final chapter on how knowledge of the Earth might help with the current climate and environmental issues. Song of the Earth contains nearly 100 figures, maps and illustrations to highlight important concepts and historical information. Ervin-Blankenheim is a licensed professional geologist and geology instructor at Front Range Community College in Colorado. She was hydrologist and geologist for the U.S. Geological Survey for many years before pursuing a Ph.D. in science education and geologic literacy at St. Francis Xavier University.

When the Spirit Moves Me: Examinations of Faith

By John Zedolik ’88

Wipf and Stock Publishers

In his second book of poetry, Zedolik muses upon spirituality. He is an adjunct professor of English at Chatham and Duquesne universities in Pittsburgh. He has published poems in such journals as Commonweal, Poem, Poetry Salzburg Review (AUT), Transom, and in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In 2019, he published his first full-length collection, Salient Points and Sharp Angles.

Literacy and Pedagogy in an Age of Misinformation and Disinformation

Edited by Tara Lockhart ’95, Brenda Glascott, Chris Warnick, Juli Parrish and Justin Lewis

Parlor Press

This collection of full-length essays and interviews brings together voices from diverse locations within—and outside of—the academy to explore networked literacies and their impact on information systems and literacy learning and action. Lockhart is professor of English at San Francisco State University, where she teaches undergraduate writing and graduate courses in literacy and composition studies, pedagogy and course design.

The New White Nationalism in Politics and Higher Education: The Nostalgia Spectrum

By Michael Gavin ’98

Lexington Books

Gavin analyzes a new form of white nationalism that seeks to recruit mainstream citizens to achieve its goals. This new white nationalism sees higher education—which imparts fact-based knowledge and interrogates history, social structures and power, often from antiracist and multicultural lenses—as a threat. Gavin is president of Delta College and was previously vice president of Anne Arundel Community College. His first book, Sports in the Aftermath of Tragedy: From Kennedy to Katrina, examined white privilege as being supported or resisted in cultural memories of tragic events and is well-respected among scholars of race, media and cultural meanings of sport.


By Maggie Hellwig ’07

Finishing Line Press

Injury is a book of poetry and art, exploring the intimate relationships between human and animal. Short poems accompany each photograph, contrasting myth and reality in playful—but subtly stark—narratives. Hellwig is an instructor of English at Northwestern State University of Louisiana and Durham Technical Community College. Her poetry and fiction have been published by Atticus Review, Fairlight Books and Curbside Splendor. She has also written book reviews and editorials for and

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Published November 18, 2021