Will Tsang ’06 

Will Tsang '06 and wife Sarah Yarnall '07.

Will Tsang '06 and wife Sarah Yarnall '07.

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What is your favorite memory from your time at Dickinson?

It would have to be my study-abroad experience in Hong Kong. The trip was perfectly curated for the students to learn about the people, the culture and the business of the East. We were given presentations and tours to some of Hong Kong’s premier financial, educational and governmental institutions. We also took a trip to China and Macau to understand the delicate differences between the territories.

While it only lasted a few weeks during the summer, we were exposed to the differences between our cultures and why Hong Kong is called “Asia’s World City.” On top of all of this, I was able to reconnect with my family overseas and spend quality time with them!    

Tell us a little about your career.

Dickinson’s liberal-arts education allowed me to be a free and creative thinker. I learned critical problem-solving, adaptability and, most important, how to make persuasive arguments with different stakeholders. This has been especially instrumental in my career as a communications and public-relations professional. I always credit Dickinson with teaching me the core skills necessary to be successful.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

When I’m not chasing my two children (Audrey, 6, and Parker, 2,) and my dog (Rex, 13,) around, you can find me on the road training for a half-marathon or a marathon. I was never much of a distance runner when I was a member of the Dickinson track and field team, but since 2009 I’ve logged almost 10,000 miles and raced in seven marathons, including New York, Chicago, Philly and California International. I’ve also raced in 30 half-marathons. When I started running again, I’m pretty sure I put my Dickinson throws coach into shock!

With races being in-person again, I’ll be running two marathons (New Jersey and New York City) back-to-back for the first time ever. I'm hoping to finally qualify for the Boston Marathon. 

Why do you think it’s important to give back to Dickinson?

Since graduating in 2006, I’ve tried to be as active as possible as an alumnus! From being a member of my 10- and 15-year reunion committees to donating, I find it extremely important to give back to Dickinson when and where I can because of the positive experience I had, and because of how well the college prepared me for the “real world.”

What inspired your own gift to Dickinson?

I always look back fondly at my time at Dickinson, and I like to pay it forward in some way. During my senior year at Dickinson, I received a grant from an alumnus, which I used toward my tuition. In the future, I hope my gift will benefit the next generation of Dickinsonians.

What advice would you give to today’s students?

Be bold, be brave and, most important, be you!


Published October 8, 2021