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Get cooking with recipes crafted by Dickinsonians

by Lauren Davidson

As cooking at home sees a surge in popularity—and necessity—we asked members of the Dickinson campus community to share or craft distinctive recipes. The following delectable dishes highlight produce grown at the College Farm, feature a favorite from the Dining Hall menu, represent our programs abroad and more. (Click below for printable PDF versions of each recipe.) Give them a try at home, and share the results with us at

We have many talented alumni who are in the business of food, as chefs, chocolatiers, farmers and health-food gurus (not to mention brewers, distillers and winemakers!). Check out a few in this issue's Small Business Spotlight and in the “Food & Beverage” section of the Dickinson Small-Business Directory.

Vegan Penne Pasta Toss

By Dickinson Certified Executive Chef Richie Rice

“I created this recipe when attempting to incorporate foods found at our College Farm. This recipe is produced in a large skillet normally, but we have done it as a grilled toss from our main serving line while our student customers can observe and smell all the flavors and scents combining. It is also on our catering menu."

Fried Rice With Peaches and Kale

By Adrienne Su, professor of creative writing and author of Peach State, a book of poems that pay homage to the domestic kitchen


By Luca Trazzi, lecturer in Italian studies and contributing faculty in food studies (based on the recipe filed in 1982 by the Bolognese delegation of the Italian Academy of Cuisine at the Bologna Chamber of Commerce)

“If you have been to Bologna, Italy, you probably had a plate of delicious tagliatelle at Osteria dell’Orsa, just off via Marsala, near the Dickinson Center. You will probably never go back to spaghetti Bolognese. Why? Well, because of that sauce. The ragù alla bolognese, or just ragù, is made of time, patience and forgetfulness."

Sweet Potato Pie

By Danielle Moser ’20, College Farm livestock apprentice (and resident foodie)

Wine Pairing Tips and Tricks

By Dwight A. Phyall ’06

  1. When in doubt, sparkling wine is extremely food-friendly and will pair well with many dishes.
  2. As a rule of thumb, when eating dessert, choose a wine that is as sweet or sweeter than the dessert.
  3. Lighter-bodied red wines, like pinot noir and gamay, can absolutely be paired with rich fish like tuna, salmon and swordfish.
  4. It is always better to pair a wine with the sauce rather than the meat.

Dwight A. Phyall ’06, M.Ed., better known in the wine industry as “DAP,” is a program manager for health-tech company OSCAR and a WSET Level 2-certified sommelier at V-NO Wine Bar & Shop in Fells Point, Baltimore. This summer he will launch Wine the Way You Like, a wine-curation service. His love for wine started about four years ago and has taken him on a journey he would have never expected.

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Published May 19, 2021