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From California to Carlisle

California to Carlisle video image

California to Carlisle video image

Video by Joe O’Neill

Alexandra Fosbury ’21 finds a new home 3,000 miles from where she grew up

“The best word to describe Dickinson would be ‘home,’ ” says Alexandra Fosbury ’21 (political science, philosophy), who hails from the Santa Cruz, California, area.

Striking out on her own to attend college across the country set Fosbury apart from her friends, and it was a decision that might have seemed a little scary at first. But once in Carlisle—from the restaurants to the first snowfall—she says things fell quickly into place.

“The best decision I’ve made was to leave my home area and come somewhere and be completely independent,” Fosbury says. “And if you’re going to try to do that for the first time, Dickinson is absolutely the place that will support you in this process.”


Published September 11, 2020