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Life at Dickinson's College Farm

Farm video image

College Farm.

by Tony  Moore; video by Joe O'Neill

Dickinson’s USDA-certified organic farm is an 80-acre living laboratory the provides not only food for the campus and community but many academic and research opportunities for students.

“Students are the backbone of our program,” says Jenn Halpin, director of the farm, who notes that students from every major on campus serve as student workers, volunteers and interns. “[The farm] attracts people from all different disciplines and interests who have a shared desire to work in a tangible workplace environment to grow food for others.”

Between 12 and 16 students are employed at the farm each academic school year, and the facility serves as the perfect backdrop for many research projects and as a launchpad for postgrad careers.

“It’s just been super-relevant in my journey to hopefully someday becoming a food animal veterinarian,” says Danielle Moser ’20 (chemistry), a livestock intern. “I can’t image my Dickinson experience without the farm.”


Published July 24, 2020