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Spaces We Love: Multilingual Writing Center

Writing Center

Writing Center

Video by Shayyan Malik '21 and JC Sosa-Soto '21

Center offers writing tutoring in 11 languages

Where’s your Dickinson happy place? For Sophia Scorcia '20 (history, Italian), it’s the Multilingual Writing Center, a space where students at any stage of a writing project can go for tips and feedback from a peer tutor who’s been selected by professors to lend a helping hand.

Mirroring Dickinson’s commitment to global education, the center offers writing tutoring in 11 languages, including English. Students in foreign-language classes can get help with writing-intensive assignments from fellow students who are native speakers of that language or have excelled in advanced language classes.

Scorcia, an English- and Italian-language writing tutor, says she’s thoroughly enjoyed working with peers and getting to know fellow tutors, all while deepening her own writing and language skills.

“It’s just a really nice community of people who feel like they are also growing and learning,” she says.

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Published February 18, 2020