Women of Color Summit Inspires, Empowers, Connects

Women of color summit 2

Photo by Zoe Josephina Moon '20.

by MaryAlice Bitts-Jackson

Spearheaded by a dozen current students, the inaugural Women of Color Summit attracted roughly 200 Dickinson women of color and allies. The March 1-3 event offered a platform to empower a rising generation while fortifying the multigenerational community of Dickinson women of color.

Through guest speakers, themed meals and interactive sessions, the summit explored ways to find purpose and meaning in life and how to successfully leverage your Dickinson education and the global Dickinson community. Attendees also discussed how to maintain a sense of identity in new communities, create lasting change and build partnerships with allies.

The student organizers were inspired by the leaders they met, and they were empowered to see their successful, large-scale event take shape. The alumni enjoyed making and rekindling connections and connecting with a new generation of Dickinsonians.

"The summit not only empowered women of color who are members of the Dickinson community but also was a space for healing for both women of color and our allies.” —Titilope Ogunsola ’19

“In this time of becoming for college students, it’s easy to feel lonely, lost and confused. This summit was a space where those feelings were OK. Everyone had the opportunity to share their opinions, feelings, concerns, reflections.” —Madison Braybrooke ’19

"Representation matters, and seeing oneself reflected back is an important part of cultural socialization. To have an intentionally curated space where voices, stories and perspectives are given a platform and celebrated, and where students can be proud of their heritage and see themselves reflected in the alumnae present, translates into increased confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.” —Tiffany Chang Lawson ’11

“There were many reminders that we have more in common than what divides us. We don’t often get a chance for all these groups to converge and remember that we are better united.” —Alexis Henry ’09

“It was a welcome opportunity to draw alumni back to Dickinson in between Alumni Weekends, and I think it gave the students a lot of skills and insights they can use for their careers.” —Rosalyn Robinson ’68

“There are so many women of color doing amazing and wonderful work on campus and beyond, and it was rejuvenating to see people share their achievements and stories.” —Eun Jun ’19

“I was able to ask alumnae questions about their experiences, as well as learn from them. Knowing that they persevered just validates that I am able to do it too.” —Keyshana Edwards ’21

“It was amazing to witness a vision come to life. We want to continue empowering women of color on campus and beyond. What we experienced at the summit is the start of something bigger than all of us.” —Rediet Patterson ’22

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Published May 10, 2019