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Unmarked Graves: Echoes from the Past

The Good is Dickinson's free, monthly podcast and will feature engaging conversations with Dickinson alumni, students and faculty, and much more!

The Good: Episode 2

"The Good," Dickinson's podcast, highlights a geophysics class as they search for unmarked gravesites with ground-penetrating radar.

"The Good" is a free, monthly podcast that shares stories about Dickinson students, professors and alumni.

Each month, we'll hear from President Margee Ensign, stretch your mind with a brain teaser and connect with what's good at Dickinson. The Good is available on iTunes and Spotify.

You can find other segments for this episode and previous episodes online. Episode 3, which features an interview with Chad Mirkin '86, will be available Thursday, May 17.

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Published April 20, 2018