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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Major Jobs 2018

biochemistry & molecular biology

biochemistry & molecular biology



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Grace Crossland

Major: biochemistry & molecular biology
Certificate: health studies
Hometown: Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
Employer: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Job title: research support associate

Job Responsibilities

In this position, I will be working directly under a postdoctoral fellow in the Jacks Lab at MIT's Koch Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, researching various aspects of cancer biology using mouse models of cancer.

How has Dickinson prepared you for your future?

My Dickinson education, specifically my research experiences, have helped me develop both lab and communication—both written and oral—skills that have allowed me to feel confident in my abilities as a scientist.

Madi McDole

Major: biochemistry & molecular biology
Hometown: Hypoluxo, Florida
Employer: Thomas Jefferson University, Vickie & Jack Farber Institute for Neuroscience
Job title: research technician

Job Responsibilities

I will be conducting research in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases to find potential treatments.

Internship Experience

  • Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery
  • University of Virginia Summer Research Internship Program
  • Alzheimer’s research at Dickinson College

Nancy Gomez

Major: biochemistry & molecular biology
Hometown: Greenbelt, Maryland
Employer: U.S. Army
Job title: 13A - field artillery officer

Job Responsibilities

I will lead field artillery (FA) troops and possibly other units in combat. Work with FA troops below and above myself in the chain of command. I may be given the position of fire support officer, fire direction officer, platoon leader, and battery executive officer.


ROTC Summer internship, Fort Knox, Kentucky.

What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?

Contracting with the U.S. Army, joining my fraternity and getting my placement with the army.

Tulley Shofner

Major: biochemistry & molecular biology, economics
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Employer: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health
Job title: Intramural Research Training Award Postbaccalaureate Fellow

Job Responsibilities

I will be researching in a laboratory in Bethesda, Maryland, studying the mechanism of effective humoral and cellular immune responses to HIV. I will be working with the research group to create a vaccine for HIV, using preliminary data from research on a patient cohort of long-term nonprogressors who displayed no decrease in CD4+ T-cells for over 20 years. I will be collaborating to perform further research, edit and write papers for publication and construct the vaccine.

Award Received

Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award

Purpose of Award

The postbac IRTA program provides recent college graduates planning to apply to graduate or professional school an opportunity to research full time for two years at the NIH.

How has Dickinson prepared you for your future?

Dickinson has provided me with an extremely personalized and rigorous education in science. I have developed meaningful and valuable relationships with professors, which has enabled me to better tailor my education and reach my education goals. Being able to start undergraduate research in my sophomore year allowed me to experience a range of different types of research while learning basic and some advanced research techniques. The depth of the curricula offered in my science courses has prepared me for reading scientific literature, applying my knowledge outside of my courses and questioning the many unknowns in science. My biochemistry and molecular biology coursework has not only taught me to be a strong student, but it also has given me confidence in my future endeavors.

What are you most anticipating about your future?

I am excited to have the opportunity to learn more about the immunology field of research and some of the specific paths within it. I anticipate learning much more about laboratory techniques, experimental design, publishing papers and career opportunities in the field. I hope to gain a better understanding of immunology and find a more specific avenue of interest to pursue in graduate or medical school. I also hope to gain an understanding of clinical research and converse with the other researchers at the NIH about their research projects.

What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?

I met some of the most influential and valuable people in my life at Dickinson. The people you meet truly define your experience, and it was these thoughtful, caring, funny, intelligent, and hard-working people who made my experience at Dickinson worthwhile. Additionally, my experience studying abroad was truly incredible, and I could not imagine going through my four years at Dickinson without having studied abroad for one of them. The opportunity Dickinson provides to take courses in another country, while engaging in a new cultural experience and studying at a completely different university is truly unique to Dickinson. I will never forget my time spent abroad, and I believe it provides an immersive education and perspective that one simply cannot learn within the confines of a classroom in the U.S.


Published April 19, 2018