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Africana Studies Major Jobs 2018

Africana Studies

Africana Studies

Asazina Yasmin Cooper

Major: Africana studies, women's & gender studies
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Employer: Teach For America
Job title: teacher

Job Responsibilities

I will make lesson plans and teach students within low-income communities in Atlanta, Georgia.

How has Dickinson prepared you for your future?

Dickinson has taught me how to think critically about everything, which is applicable within any field.

What are you most anticipating about your future?

Helping children learn.

What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?

Studying abroad in India.

Mergitu Yadeto

Major: Africana studies
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Employer: Repair the World
Job title: food justice fellow

Job Responsibilities

I will be a fellow with the nonprofit Repair the World in Philadelphia. My 11-month fellowship will engage and challenge the Jewish community to address social justice issues through volunteering. I will recruit, train and serve alongside volunteers to bring about community change around food justice and education justice.

How has Dickinson prepared you for your future?

Dickinson has provided me critical-thinking and writing skills.

What are you most anticipating about your future?

I'm expecting the fellowship to be challenging and incredibly rewarding. I'm looking forward to applying my education and experiences to the fellowship. I'm excited to work in the community and build relationships, and I hope this experience helps me decide what specifically I want to pursue in graduate school. 

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Markiah Baker

Major: Africana studies
Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Employer: Trellis Services
Job title: autism instructor

Job Responsibilities

As an autism instructor in Baltimore County, Maryland, I will develop and execute Natural Environment Teaching (NET) plans for learners that incorporate motivation, reinforcers, neutral items, mastered skills and current acquisition skills. I also will collect accurate data to monitor learners’ progress, as well as teach and reinforce new and mastered skills to learn amongst other responsibilities. While working, I will earn my master's in applied behavior analysis online from Arizona State University.

How has Dickinson prepared you for your future?

Dickinson has prepared me through all of the professional development opportunities I have had throughout my time here. I also was able to learn more about myself and my interests as well as learn about things that forced me to step out of my comfort zone.

Internship Experience

NHS Autism School Carlisle, Pennsylvania: I shadowed behavior technicians to learn about reinforcement and modifying of problem behaviors for children and young adults with autism.

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Sofina Odero

Major: Africana studies
Hometown: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Employer: Teach For America
Job title: Corps member/elementary teacher

Job Responsibilities

Teaching elementary students and shaping their education in Washington, D.C.

How has Dickinson prepared you for the future?

Dickinson has prepared me to deal with high-stress situations and understand the ideas and values of others different from me.

Internship Experiences

  • Planned Parenthood (May 2017- August 2017): Empowered and engaged patients and visitors to Planned Parenthood health centers to become advocates for their own health care and for Planned Parenthood. 
  • YWCA Carlisle, Pennsylvania (May 2016 - August 2016): Led summer camp for low-income elementary children and developed summer programming to expose campers to local organizations and leaders.
  • Homework Club Site Manager/Teacher (August 2016 - present): Assist local elementary children with homework assignments after school Monday through Friday.
  • Volunteer (August 2016 - present): Worked with a team to develop and run daylong cultural programming for 50-plus elementary students and co-facilitated daylong power and privilege summit to 50-plus local middle school students.

What are you most anticipating about your future?

I am excited to continue teaching and shaping children, our future leaders.


Published April 8, 2018