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Sustainability, Infused



Video by Joe O’Neill

Sustainability is a major element flowing through the lifeblood of Dickinson

Dickinson's approach to sustainability makes this pressing issue a part of every student’s education, infused throughout the liberal-arts curriculum.

The college draws on strengths in global education to explore and compare experiences of different cultures and uses active learning methods that empower students to connect their classroom studies with sustainable campus operations.

“[Sustainability] is integrated in their academic studies and in their research; it’s part of their life on campus as well as the work they do in and with communities,” says Neil Leary, director of the Center for Sustainability Education. “Sustainability concepts students learn in the classroom get reinforced through learning by doing, and at Dickinson we’re offering an education for the 21st century, an education that matters, an education for the common good.”


Published November 21, 2017