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Toward Peace and Justice

Students on a Global Mosaic


Video by Joe O’Neill

Global Mosaics tackle contemporary concerns and issues, in local communities and across the world

Global Mosaics are intensive, interdisciplinary research programs designed around ethnographic fieldwork and immersion in domestic and global communities. Their objective is to encourage students to think reflectively about the diverse world in which they live as they engage in collaborative work with local, transnational and international communities.

“We’re studying contemporary concerns, issues from multiple perspectives, [and] students are engaged in in-depth fieldwork with communities that are both close to campus and across continents,” says Susan Rose, Charles A. Dana Professor of Sociology and director of the Community Studies Center. “In that process, students are really reflecting on their own lives, their own cultural contexts, their own historical contexts and those of others.”

Global Mosaics provide opportunities for students to apply what they are learning in the classroom, both theoretically and methodologically, to the world beyond. And to Rose, the goal is as simple as it is complex: “How do we create a world that is more peaceful, that is more just?”


Published November 21, 2017