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Interdisciplinary Internships

What's it like to intern with a massive media brand? Just ask Christina Braxton '18 who spent a summer with Marie Claire and took with her a new outlook on sales and marketing.

Christina Braxton '18, Marie Claire Magazine


History, political science minor.

Internship title:

Sales and marketing intern.

How I got this internship:

I got this internship by networking with Dickinson alumni, faculty, staff and parents.

What I do, day to day:

I assist in the daily task of the sales and marketing teams at Marie Claire. This means sending out issues of magazines for high-level clients and managing the documents of different advertisers that appear in the magazine. I also help prepare for high-level client meetings and am learning the workings behind a massive media brand. Finally, I meet with various teams and departments at Hearst, such as the marketing team, to learn about all sides of the publishing industry.

Other internships:

Yes, in the past I have interned at Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donation Network in Chicago, Illinois. At Gift of Hope, I worked in the marketing and communications department and helped plan events. I have also interned at, a small lobbying firm in Washington D.C. At Lobbyit, I managed the company-wide newsletter and social media accounts. Both experiences in the medical and political fields helped me better understand what I want to do in the future. Although I appreciate how these internships helped me, as a senior at Dickinson this year, I hope to graduate with a full-time job.

Most valuable part of this experience:

The two most valuable and useful parts of this internship experience are the connections that I have made and the networking skills that I have gained since being in New York City with Marie Claire. I believe that these connections and skills will help me start my career and I am excited to stay in contact with all the people I have met this summer.

Advice for students considering internships:

The advice I would offer to my peers when considering an internship would be to take advantage of your coworkers. Don't be afraid to ask to grab a coffee with someone.

How this internship has helped me: 

This internship has prepared me for the "real world" after Dickinson. I feel much more ready and eager to start a career in a field that I am passionate about. My internship at Marie Claire showed me that it is possible to start a great career after college.

Post-Dickinson plans:

After I graduate, I hope to have a job in New York City at a publication, move to New Jersey, and commute in to work every day.


Published October 18, 2017