Sustainable Education Across the Globe

Lisi Mueller

Lisi Mueller '18, Earth Day Network


Educational studies.

Internship title:

Education intern.

How I got this internship:

I got this internship by networking with Dickinson alumni, faculty, staff and parents.

What I do, day to day:

I am in charge of doing research on the state of environmental education across the world compared to the United States. I'm also responsible for the Earth Day Education Network Newsletter, where I provide lesson plans and advice on how to implement environmental education in all aspects of the classroom.

Other internships:

I interned with the Republican National Convention last summer. This is a big change of pace, but going to Dickinson has taught me the importance of caring for the environment and how it should not be a party split issue.

Most valuable part of this experience:

I've been meeting people who are not only leaders in the environmental movement, but also unbelievably passionate about what they do.

Advice for students considering internships:

Use lunch breaks to get to know your coworkers and fellow interns. Their life experiences and advice are invaluable and can help guide your own career path.

How this internship has helped me:

It has helped me plan a ton for how I'm personally going to implement environmental education in my own classroom one day and hopefully connect at least one child to nature in a special way.

Post-Dickinson plans:

My favorite teacher I had in elementary school changed my life. Even though I struggled with minor learning disabilities, she helped me grow into the confident young woman I am today. I want to be that person for someone, and it would be the most rewarding job in the world. I hope to one day to be a fifth grade teacher and coach (golf, field hockey, basketball or lacrosse).

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Published July 26, 2017