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Dickinson Pledges to Continue to Support the Paris Agreement

Dickinson is among more than 1,200 colleges, universities, governors, mayors and business leaders from across the country declaring their intent to continue to reduce carbon emissions in line with the Paris climate agreement.

Interim President Neil Weissman signed the letter that declares “We Are Still In.” More than 180 other college and university leaders have signed the letter, along with mayors of 125 cities, the governors of nine states and more than 900 business leaders. (The full list is available online.) The movement has been the subject of international news coverage.

Dickinson is a nationally recognized leader for sustainability education. The college is also part of the Leadership Circle of the Higher Education Carbon Pricing Endorsement Initiative, which supports student-driven efforts to endorse carbon pricing for its economy-wide approach to lowering emissions and incentivizing renewable energy development.

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Published June 9, 2017