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Vantage Points: Disabilities in America—Why Should We Take Note?


One Question, Many Perspectives

Produced by Christine Baksi

Dickinson faculty are thought leaders who artfully connect global and national issues across various disciplines. Vantage Points is an online forum that highlights their expertise and analysis. On Feb. 10, the Clarke Forum kicks off a semester-long series of lectures on disability. Three faculty discuss the topic in this new installment of Vantage Points. 

Vantage Points: Disabilities in America—Why Should We Take Note? 

Cindy Samet

Invisible Disabilities
Cindy Samet, professor of chemistry: Medical testing is a double-edged sword for some disabilities.

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Katie Oliviero

Is Disability Societally Created?
Katie Oliviero, assistant professor of women’s & gender studies: A brief history of the language and metaphors of impairment touches upon norms, stigma, activism and progress. 

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Susan Rose

Neglected Identity
Sharon O'Brien, professor of English and American studies: Disability should be placed at the center of our field of vision.

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Published February 8, 2016