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Prepare to Take on the World

david robinson

Dr. David A. Robinson '77

New Jersey State Climatologist, Professor at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Major: Geology

What I love most about what I do:

Being immersed in climatology—be it in the classroom, dealing with N.J. issues or conducting global snow research.

How Dickinson prepared me for what I do:

I learned how to think scientifically, while gaining an understanding of important linkages between science and society.

The accomplishments I was most proud of at Dickinson:

Academically, it was achieving departmental honors. Otherwise, it was being a member of the chapel choir.

The accomplishments I am most proud of today: 

Professionally, being elected a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, being appointed to the National Academy of Sciences Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate and receiving the Rutgers University Public Service Award. Personally: Raising two fine young men and being a part of their formative years as a Scout leader and coach.

How I stay connected to Dickinson:

My son Drew graduated from Dickinson in 2011. I have also been invited back to campus on several occasions to give presentations. I also follow Dickinson through alumni publications and online messages.

What being “prepared to take on the world” means to me:

It means assuming responsibility for being a contributing member of society. This involves engagement in important issues of the day and contributing knowledge or skills you possess to the discussion on local to global levels.

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Published March 13, 2015