Framing the World Anew

Lucia Darrow '15

Photo courtesy of Lucia Darrow '15.

Lucia Darrow '15



Growing up, Lucia Darrow '15 saw the world through an artist's eyes. Her first advanced-mathematics course at Dickinson provided a different set of problem-solving skills and new ways to frame her worldview, and that worldview continued to expand when she spent a year abroad through the Dickinson in Bremen program. Learn about her fascination with ethnomathematics, why she loves living in Carlisle and how she stays focused.





Clubs and organizations:

German Club, Kappa Alpha Theta, EarthNow, Sustainable Earth Education and International House.


Favorite book:

Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.

Favorite movie:

The Lord of the Rings trilogy.


On choosing to attend Dickinson:

I chose Dickinson because of its warm atmosphere, global focus and connection to the surrounding community. It’s incredibly nice to experience the positive relationship between Dickinson and Carlisle. I often go into town to find a quiet place to study, and I love the accessibility of fresh, local food from the Carlisle farmers market, Farmers on the Square.


Favorite place on campus:

It’s a tie between the Admissions patio and the reading alcove on the first level of the library.

Favorite Dining Hall food:

Tomatoes from the College Farm.

Favorite class:

To fulfill a requirement, I took an introductory cultural anthropology course during my first year at Dickinson. This led me to learn more about the interplay between the fields of mathematics and anthropology (there’s a surprising wealth of information on the subject). I’m fascinated by the field of ethnomathematics and the implications of cultural design and pattern studies. I was thrilled when some of the classic problems I studied in that anthropology class came up in my discrete-mathematics course the following semester.


On studying abroad:

Last year I studied abroad in Bremen, Germany. In my first month at the University of Bremen, I got in touch with the university's center for applied mathematics and began an independent-study project with a professor in the department. The experience really strengthened my confidence in the skills I’ve acquired at Dickinson.



As a kid, I wanted to be …

… an artist. I try to keep art as present in my life as possible, whether by spending time in a ceramics studio or taking watercolors with me on trips. I’ve found creating something freely is often the best way to clear my mind and stay focused.


Little-known talent:

Making fresh pasta.


Post-Dickinson plans:

I plan to pursue a graduate degree in applied mathematics.

On selecting a major:

I never expected to major in math, but I love that it challenges me to solve problems in new ways. The more math courses I take, the more certain I am of my choice. 


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Published June 30, 2014